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Secure Alert Water Damage Control
Advanced Technology

Advanced Security  Made Simple Through Advance Technology
Expensive repairs caused by a water leak, extreme temperatures or unwanted water flow can cost you lots of money and many headaches. Secure Alert Vision systems can detect, alert and stop the leak before it does major damage to your home. All you’re left with is a few water drops that you can wipe away with a towel.

Left undetected, a small water leak could cause:
  • Thousands of dollars in repairs
  • Irreplaceable loss of Personal Property
  • Mold and Mildew
  • Potential Health Problems
  • Insurance Rate Increase

Secure Alert Vision systems are revolutionary new products that detect and stop plumbing leaks and unwanted water flow, before they cost you time and money. The system also has available options to alert the home owner of extreme temperatures caused by heating/cooling unit failures, and humidity issues. Secure Alert works with multiple sensors: Occupancy, Water Flow, Leak Detection with options such as Appliance Current, High/Low Temperature, and Humidity sensing. Any single alarm activates the Secure Alert controller, turning off the flow of water to your home and protecting you from the damage caused by burst pipes or hidden leaks. Find the leak, repair it and turn the water back on with the simple push of a button. Secure Alert makes it easy to protect your carpet, floors, electrical systems, furniture, walls, irreplaceable photos and other personal treasures.

Secure Alert

How Secure Alert systems work

Secure Alert standard Vision system detects home occupancy, water flow and water leaks. The Secure Alert works together to provide the home owner with total water damage protection. Secure Alert standard sensors are (Occupancy, Water Flow, and Leak Detection.)

The Occupancy sensors alert the controller that the home is occupied and allows the water supply to flow uninterrupted, unless the controller receives a sensor alarm. The Occupancy sensor also alerts the controller if the home is unoccupied. When the home is unoccupied past a preset time limit the Secure Alert system will automatically close the Master Water Valve, eliminating water damage. When the home is occupied again the Occupancy sensor will alert the controller and water flow is reinstated unless the controller receives an alarm.

Options such as High/Low Temperature, Appliance Current, and Humidity Sensors, gives home owners ultimate water damage protection.

Secure Alert allows you to be worry free when extreme temperature could affect plumbing, pets, plants, and sensitive musical instruments. With the Secure Alert System High/Low Temperature sensors, an alarm will activate when preset High or Low temperature extremes are reached. The water supply is turned off and your designated phone number is called to dispatch help. The Secure Alert Appliance Current sensor allows appliances to operate when the home is unoccupied. The Secure Alert System detects if the appliance is activated by checking its electrical usage. When leaving the home, dishwashers, and laundry units can complete their wash cycles. Ice-makers, water softeners and lawn sprinklers can continue to operate when the home is unoccupied, without the worry of water damage. If water flow is detected without electrical usage, the water supply to the home is Shut off.

The Secure alert Humidity sensor alerts the home owner of extremes in humidity that could be related to water leaks not related to leaky plumbing, such as a roof or swamp cooler leaks.

SECURE ALERT systems allow you to vacation worry free. Secure Alert works with a patented system that detects the presence of the home being occupied. Simply push the “away” button on the controller or the Occupancy Sensor will automatically turn off the water supply to your home after a preset time limit. The water turns on automatically when you return or press the “monitor” button on the controller. Now, there is no chance that a burst pipe will turn your living room into a pond, or that you will come back from a restful vacation to see water flowing from under your front door.

SECURE ALERT systems have already proven their value nationwide, where home builders have been installing the detection system. The system protects the home against freezing winter conditions that routinely damage plumbing and personal property. Active and vacation homes can have total protection against damaging water./p>

SECURE ALERT SYSTEMS can be installed with ease during the building stage or retrofitted in existing homes. The cost is often less than the deductible that insurance companies offer for homes without a state-of-the-art water leak detection system.

SECURE ALERT holds U.S. and Canada Patents on the Vision home water protection system, which complies with the Unified Plumbing Code and is Underwriter Laboratory™ approved. International Patents Pending.

SECURE ALERT water-leak detection system should be installed by a certified technician. When installed during the construction phase, the system is hard-wired in the home, much like an alarm system. If installed in an existing home, SECURE ALERT uses remote transmitters to send a signal to the controller. The master valve will then close and stop the flow of water into a home. Standard watch batteries with a three-year life expectancy power the sensitive remote sensors. When the battery power is low, the low battery light will flash. SECURE ALERT will send you a reminder after 2 1/2 years to change your batteries - offering you maximum protection.

The Secure Alert system package includes:

  • Master Water Valve to be installed on the main water line.
  • Occupancy sensors to be installed at all water outlets.
  • Water-detecting sensors to be installed at all water outlets.
  • Master Control Panel allowing homeowner to open or close the flow of water into the home.
  •  To be installed at main entry or exit of home

Why Secure Alert?

  • Vision 24-hour leak detection.
  • Stops the flow of water into the home upon the slightest leak detection.
  • Saves homeowners thousands of dollars in water damage repair costs.
  • Insurance discounts may be available upon installation. (Note: Many insurance companies no longer offer coverage for water damage.)
  • 5-year warranty on installed systems.
  • Once the system is cleaned and re-certified, warranty can be extended for an additional two years.
  • Secure Alert can be integrated with most home alarm system for the sake of convenience.
  • Conserving water for future generations by detecting wasteful water loss.

Don’t wait until you are ankle-deep in water to think about leak detection. Put Secure Alert systems to work for you today.