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Patented Control Panel

  • Triple Valve Flow/Pressure SensorCompact and Wireless
  • Built in Earthquake Sensor
  • Built in Temperature Sensor
  • Recharges on Room Light
  • Self Contained Motion Detector

Main Control Panel Overview

There has been a significant engineering effort to eliminate the wires and wiring costs associated with present security systems. Although, some systems use some wireless components today, no present system currently being broadly marketed, employs a wireless miniaturized main control panel. The main control panel is small, self contained and inexpensive to manufacture. It is designed to be placed by an entryway. It is the size of a normal “dumb” keypad used by most systems. It contains a passive infrared motion (PIR) detector. This is not available on some systems and is only offered as a separate optional module by most systems manufactures. It contains a seismic motion detector and a low/high temperature detector. It communicates with all of the peripheral detectors and alarm dialers using a “token” system in which a transmission is repeated until it is verified and acknowledged by the intended receiver.

The panel is designed to act in concert with other panels placed in other locations. This forms a type of redundancy when two or more code specific panels are used within 200 to 300 feet of one another. A typical application might include three panels in a home, where each is placed by a door. Up to 16 code specific main panels may be used in concert. In the event that apartment users, purchase an apartment model, each of 16 apartments can be alerted to a fire/water leak or other peril occurring in an adjacent apartment, whether occupied or not. This greatly increases the ability of adjacent apartment owners to have immediate knowledge of a peril make a timely evacuation of the building. In the apartment model, wireless smoke (ion) detectors and other peripherals are set to initially activate only its assigned apartments panel. If the apartment owner does not clear the alarm in three minutes, then other apartments are notified and alarms sound. If the alarm condition is cleared, and the peril still exists, the alarm will re-activate in 30 minutes.

Main Panel Arming

The intruder alarm can be armed or disarmed by pressing by a key ring style transmitter button. It can be also be armed by pressing the “Away” button on the panel and disarmed by entering a code on the self contained key pad. In the home model all control panels are disarmed when any panel is disarmed. In the apartment model, only the single panel is disarmed leaving others armed. The functions, such as fire, low temperature detection, seismic activity, water hazard, and natural gas shut-off are never disarmed, but may be bypassed, using the by-pass button and a code, in the event a faulty sensor has been located. Once the intruder alarm has been activated, the home owner has 2 minutes to either disarm the panel.. The homeowner has the same time to disarm the intruder alert when returning home. The homeowner may summon, the police, the fire department, or an ambulance by pressing a dedicated button for each function on the panel if the owner subscribes to an alarm monitoring service.

The control panel uses a low power consuming liquid crystal display (LED). The LED and the keypad are backlit for two minutes when the panel is armed, and when it is dark, and when the PIR detects the presents of a person. This enables the rapid disarming of the unit by one knowing the disarm code without fumbling for a light switch. All switches located on the panel are of the membrane type with tactile and audio feedback to indicate when depressed. Additionally, the occupant may shut off all water when leaving, or at any time by depressing the water off button. Pressing the water on button restores water service. The user must have installed the optional water flow detection and shut-off module for this function to be available.

Main Panel Alarm Functions

The panel contains audible alarm 87-decibel alarm that activates in the event of an alarm condition. In all events other than fire, the alarm will sound for a period of ten minutes and then will self-silence until the PIR detects movement. Then it will sound for an additional ten minutes or until the alarm condition is corrected or a bypass/reset code is entered. In the event of fire, the audible alarm in all fire sensors will be activated and will not be silenced unless the smoke/and or fire condition no longer exists or a bypass code is entered.

In the event of an alarm condition, any of the following installed optional units will be activated:

  • Telephone Dialer
  • Internet communicator
  • Cell Phone Dialer
  • Satellite Phone Dialer
  • Satellite Internet communicator
  • Satellite Global Positioning Communicator
  • Internet communicator
  • Local Siren

If the user has arranged for a monitoring service, the service will be notified of the alarm and the type and location of the alarm. The Internet communicators can be used to directly notify the user via alphanumeric pager of cellular phone pager of the alarm, it’s type and location. Any or all of the dialers/communicators can be used simultaneously.

Water Peril Detection

If a water hazard is detected, the panel will automatically turn off water flow to prevent harm or property damage using the optional water flow detection and shut-off mechanism. Should the panel detect a near-freezing temperature or an earthquake, it will immediately shut off the water supply to prevent potential damage.

In the event that the water flow is shut off, an audible alarm will sound and a water alarm will be indicated on the LCD, located on the control panel. The control panel will indicate the cause of the alarm. It is either water leakage, earthquake, near-freezing temperature, or too hot for pets. Water, low temperature, too high pet temperature, and seismic alarms may be cleared using the panel “Reset” button.

Unique Water flow detection and Shut-Off Valve

Secure alert utilizes a unique combination flow detection and electrical/manual shut-off valve that may incorporate a pressure reducing valve.. It also allows for manual shut of the water supply to a home or business from the control panel and is backflow prevention device. When water flow is sensed, a magnetically operated reed switch opens telling the Secure Alert controller that water flow is occurring. The electronic control valve is a magnetic latching type. It consumes no power in the “on” or “off” state. It utilizes a pulse of less than a second in duration to turn it on or off. This results in battery power conservation when back-up battery power is used to operate the electronic shut-off system. The module contains its own battery back up and is radio controlled. The battery may be kept charged by household power or a miniature water turbine and generator. It does not use photovoltaic recharge because its typical location is in dark areas.

Water Leak Detection Algorithm

A leak is detected using a system of two timers and passive infrared (PIR) motion sensors. Optional radio communicating PIR motion sensors may be placed by each likely source of water usage such as bathrooms and kitchen. A PIR motion sensor is permanently placed in the control Panel. There are two internal timers in the control panel microprocessor. The short cycle timer duration is between 0 and 5 minutes. The long cycle duration starts at ½ and may be set for up to 1 ½ hours The actual times are determined by the control panel in a “learning” period. The “learned” time may be reset at any time by pressing the “learn” button. The controller analyses water usage patterns and determines the optimal period for these two timers.

A switch located in the front of the panel activates the learning period of 24 hours. If water flow is detected, the short timer begins timing. If the flow stops prior to the short timer reaching it’s predetermined time, or motion is detected, the long cycle timer is started. The long cycle timer may also be started at any time by any motion sensor being activated. The long cycle timer will be reset to allow ½ to 1 ½ hours of water flow any time it is activated by a motion detector or short cycle timer. If a motion detector detects movement, the water usage is assumed to be intentional. If, however, the short cycle timer, exceeds it’s predetermined time of between 0 to 5 minutes, with water still flowing, and no movement is detected, then the water will be shut off and the alarms are sounded. If the long cycle timer exceeds its setting of water flow and no movement is detected, then the water will be shut off and alarms will sound. If no motion is detected and the short cycle timer has not been activated, the long cycle timer will time out. The system will begin looking for a new short cycle or detected motion.

When the system has not been armed, after a period of 12 hours when no motion is detected, then no water flow whatsoever is allowed. This as called the “away” mode and gives additional protection during long absences from the home or business during vacations and holidays when no one should be using water. The system returns to a normal mode upon detecting occupancy via the motion detector system. In the apartment model, the away mode is activated when the intruder alarm is armed. This allows for no water usage while the apartment occupant is away. In the home model, ten minute short cycle will be active for 1 hour, to allow water-using appliances to complete there cycles when the away button is pushed. After an hour, no further water flow is allowed.

The logic of this system is smart, designed to allow for icemakers operation, toilette flushes, or other short cycle, water uses when no movement is detected by the PIR. This minimizes false alarms. Long cycles are allowed if occupancy is detected. If water usage exceeds the long cycle, without interruption, and if the PIR sensors detect no movement, it is assumed that a leak has occurred, therefore the water is shut off and an alarm sounds.

Sprinkler System Module

If a sprinkler system is attached to the water system, an optional module is available to detect sprinkler usage and signal the controller to allow water usage when a sprinkler station is active. This accessory transmits radio signal to the controller every minute during operation. The control panel allows a short cycle of two minutes after every pulse. Water flow is allowed for sprinkler usage even when the control panel is armed.

Water Softener and Reverse Osmosis system Module

Some homes are equipped with water softener and reverse osmosis