Secure Alert
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Mission Statement
Secure Alert Vision systems are revolutionary new products that detect and stop plumbing leaks and unwanted water flow, before they cost you time and money. The system also has available options to alert the home owner of extreme temperatures caused by heating/cooling unit failures, and humidity issues. Secure Alert works with multiple sensors: Occupancy, Water Flow, Leak Detection, with options such as Appliance Current, High/Low Temperature, and Humidity sensing. Any single alarm activates the Secure Alert controller, turning off the flow of water to your home and protecting you from the damage caused by burst pipes or hidden leaks. Find the leak, repair it and turn the water back on with the simple push of a button. Secure Alert makes it easy to protect your carpet, floors, electrical systems, furniture, walls, irreplaceable photos and other personal treasures.

Mission Statement

We will consistently provide comptetive products for advanced security made simple through advanced technology


  • Mike Ford, CEO
  • Alonzo Morales, COO
  • Barry Hunt, CFO
  • Terry Yuck, Exec VP/ Business Development
  • Matt Brady, Director of Product Development
  • Donald Heer, Director of Engineering